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Brunch in Madrid, discovering the essentials of the city (I)

Brunch arrived in Madrid a few years ago, but it’s still in fashion because it’s an excellent plan. When the weekend arrives, taking time for brunch is something that I love. Recharge the batteries, chat with friends and make the most of the day. And no, there are not just eggs Benedict, there are a lot of options to have a good brunch in Madrid. Try one of the sites that I’m going to tell you about, and enjoy the weekend J

Brunch de Abolea. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.


This bright place that opened last year is already a must-see in the Bilbao area. It’s one of those places where it’s difficult not to feel happy and optimistic, with its ample and luminous space. They are focused on healthy food, and their brunch fits that premise. It’s one of the healthiest and most nutritious brunches in Madrid. Come on, it’s perfect for a hangover morning 🙂 There are 6 brunch options, with several vegetarian ones. My favorite is called “Exotic”, with veal and vegetable curry: without a doubt, very original.

Interior de Dingo. Foto de Dingo.


They have one of the most powerful brunches on the market in Madrid, with a very special detail: they have brunch every day. That way, when you want to try so many dishes that some people can’t even finish them, you won’t have to wait for the weekend. Also, if you want to complete the Yankeestyle experience, ask for a Founders beer. Many people say that Dingo has one of the best brunches in the Salamanca neighborhood, with a careful selection of eggs prepared many different ways.

Brunch de Crustó. Foto de Crustó.


It’s one of the newest elegant cafés to have brunch in Madrid, but it’s not just a facade. It has one of the most complete lunches in the city, with five options to choose from: “Light”, “Comforting”, “Antioxidant”, “Energy” and my favorite: “Come back to life” 🙂 The reason? Because it’s Mexican-inspired with beef tacos, eggs with jalapeño and tropical fruit salad. A combination that can recover even the most hungover. Although for 1€ more you can add a cocktail and continue the party…

Brunch de Federal Café. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Federal Café

One of the basics of brunch in Madrid. I went to the first one opened in the Plaza de las Comendadoras, and I loved the experience. Of course, I plan to try the new Federal Café at Conde de Barajas and have brunch sitting at the window. All its premises maintain a Nordic style decoration, clean and bright, which also helps to create a very special atmosphere. It was one of the first brunches in Madrid that I tried, and I still fondly remember its “Morning Burger”. Its Nordic style decoration, clean and bright, also helps to create a very special atmosphere.

Selección de platos de Toma Café Olavide. Foto de Madrid Cool Blog.

Toma Café Olavide

The authentic cracks of the city’s specialty coffee also have one of the most sought-after brunches in Madrid. Although, you configure it yourself as they don’t have an organized brunch as such, at least since the last time I was there. But its menu of light food is fantastic to make a full breakfast. I went one day mid-morning and seeing its menu I came upstairs adding dishes to my coffee, and ended up making a full-fledged lunch. I ordered a roast beef sandwich, black garlic toast and fudge. Topped with a yogurt with granola. And no, I did not leave hungry…

Brunch en Propaganda 12. Foto de Propaganda 12.

Propaganda 12

One of the most recent openings in the Chueca neighborhood also has Champagne Brunch. This chic and industrial vinateria with Italian food, apart from being very cool, has a waiting list for its brunch of more than one month. You can choose two of the dishes that are displayed in the bar as an “Italian aperitif” and watered with champagne. What more could you want? Oh yeah! That the Roman Mattia recommend you the best wines among more than 250 options, and enjoy your conversation.

Brunch de Fonty. Foto de Fonty.


El Retiro Park is a fantastic place to walk, especially on Sunday mornings when there aren’t yet many tourists. And if you want to combine your visit with a brunch, I recommend Fonty. Marie prepares daily sweet and salty French delicacies, and has a championship brunch. My choice is usually eggs Benedict with French croissant, orange juice and coffee. I have to try their other options, I know…

Quesos de Poncelet Cheese Bar. Foto de Poncelet Cheese Bar.

Poncelet Cheese Bar

The brunch in Madrid for cheese lovers, or said another way: lunch for cheese makers in the city. By the first to promote the culture of cheese, along with Quesería Cultivo. It’s a very complete brunch, with a cocktail, pastries and three courses, with or without cheese. Come on, it’s practically a buffet breakfast. There are other cheaper brunches, but not with such elaborate dishes or with ingredients brought from all over the world.


Whether you have partied and need to regain strength outside the home as if you are a “Sunday warrior”, keep this post handy. It will serve you many times because … Who doesn’t want to go for brunch in Madrid? I still do it from time to time and I love it J But I also tell you about my visits to restaurants in Madrid. Don’t miss anything!

Translated by Story Of Madrid, the podcast about Madrid in English.


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